Zimmer Multi-Unit Scan Bodies


Zirconia W1zard

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Has anyone looked into obtaining Zimmer muilt-iunit scan bodies or know if they have available DME's for open manufacturing?

I want to mill their bars in house but am afraid they keep these things to themselves. Anyone look into this yet?

To my knowledge, they keep their multi-unit DME's to themselves if I remember correctly (scan bodies of course too for multi-unit).

I can only mill in house: Nobel, BioHorizons, 3i, and Straumann.

Any insight would be much appreciated.
Sevan P

Sevan P

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You can make custom MUA on most any platform via tru abutment. Just a standard custom abutment then place their MUA attachment on the top at the desired angle. As for OE MUA's nope don't think Zimmer is open to that. Best to call them and see what they offer.
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