There are many material innovations that would make a huge impact on the lab and our processes. up until several years ago, some labs didn't use zirconia, there were lots of issues with zirconia back in the day because it wasn’t esthetic. but now the game changes. so what would be the next?
Hi guys! how can I design a Custom Abutment with a Multi-Unit head in Exocad? I would like to design an abutment that thas this kind of geometry: -it has to be screw-retained with a direct implant connection -has a stock multi-unit head instead of an individual crown bottom interface -has multi-unit head insertion direction parallel with secondary insertion view -has individual abutment bottom that has a custom margin line -the design process should have a final restoration design implemented in the same dental case, e.g. dental bridge with direct multi-unit connection to the custom multi-unit abutment, or overdenture design on the bar with pillars that have a direct implant connection Did anyone design something similar before...
I was offered a job opportunity working remotely. Has anyone here ever worked or is designing remotely from home? Is this worth my time or is it just a waste? It's not the first time I've been approached to work remotely but I was worried about paying for the computer/time and effort spent on creating a setup at home. Did the company provide for your computer/dongle? What was your wages for your work was it hourly or piece work. What did you ask for or what did they offer? Do you have deadlines? What it's like with communication about a case? I know it's a lot of questions. My interview is in a couple hours so I'll add to the post with details of how it went. Thanks guys!
We been using the Austenal Electromatic-4 casting machine for over 30yrs it has been discontinued any suggestion on what’s similar or better to it need to replace it. We also cast around 30-40 rings a day. big thanks to Robert Elsenpeter for the chance to answer some simple questions. i'm pretty proud of how this turned out.
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