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Probably better off treating a shade tab with MIYO and freezing that shade adjustment with vlc. Would be easier to copy that cuztomized tab back in the lab. Just try to get the value right as best as you can chairside, which may shift when you light cure. Burn off of vlc material would wreak havoc on your well placed effects. Tanaka used to have a kit for this purpose, worked very well for modifying a tab but was quite touchy to burn off and fire. Did use it numerous times successfully , not sure if its still even available. Jmho and good luck!
I will sometimes add stain to a tab when seeing a patient at the lab. It's also a great way to learn MIYO.
I may go that route instead.
I can't get a decent pic from the Drs but the Trios is pretty good.


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I want a light curable liquid that can be added to glaze liquid. This would allow me or the dentist to " tweek" a crown that may be too bright or need an add on.
Light curing the stain on the crown means it can be shipped back to the lab to be fired in the furnace.
It can be also used to customize a shade tab that could be sent to the lab.
Why doesn’t the Dr use Panevia TC, tooth color cement that you can customize the crown from the inside with water soluble first and then use the final cement if he likes the results?
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