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I thought this digital thing had the slight chance to really catch on so I wanted to jump in front with it to be ahead when it gets going. Haaa. Went exocad. Happy with it. One thing I didn’t know but still would do exo is that for now I can’t send abutment designs to Nobel. Is there a way to get my designs where they will take them? A 3shape lab tried submitting an exo design I made through their system but no luck. Btw. Also got the Asiga printer.


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Hi Mike. You can send nobel STL's for nobel to design otherwise you would need to export a designed 3shape package for nobel to import and manufacture.
Let me know if you need any assistance with this. Can email me at [email protected]

Also you can request to design printed models and send you the STL's so that you can print models in house with your asiga printer.
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