Sintering Oven Maintenance.



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Just bought a Nabertherm LHT 02/17 LB Speed because our other sintering oven crapped out on us not too long ago.

What are some Maintenance Protocols we should follow to extend the life of the heating elements as long as possible? Thanks!


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We burn ours out every week, just run them empty on a cleaning cycle


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My old Thermostar sintering furnace was run daily for 12 years before we picked up a Nabertherm this past year. The thermostar still works and we are now using it for R&D testing. We would consistently run the same cycle without issue. The only time I would find oxidation or disclouring was when I'd change the program to fire something different. (Different heat rates, higher or lower final temps, etc.)

Running a slow and consistent program is beneficial for conditioning the muffle and heating elements. If it's not producing any issues, don't bother with stressing the systems out by running a higher "cleaning" cycle. This will only disturb the conditioning and prematurely age your elements.

Visually inspect your elements regularly for any discolorations or patchiness. If you do see any spots, run a conditioning cycle (typically 50 degrees higher than your normal final temp, up to 4 times) to regenerate your elements protective layer. If you find you have discoloration of your final zirconia, vision usa has a product called purge sinter. Finally, you can use PTCR Ferro rings to calibrate your furnace.

Best of luck to you with your new furnace!


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Sorry to bump an old post but I second the Thermostar. We still have one running since 2007. Second set of elements and we had a cooling fan go and an issue with a case heat sensor but other than that it has run great. It doesn't like the fast heat programs but is a great furnace for a slow program. We were even able to get support from the company that made them in Germany after Ivoclar and Wieland wouldn't.
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