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Hello All. Have a great deal to offer! Complete 2015 X5 milling suite with service plan. Very lightly used and has been pretty much collecting dust for the last two years. For the last two years an opportunity opened up for me to work in-house in a Dental Office. I had not closed my business at that time... the thought was to work both, however, that did not become a possibility. Running/managing a lab and owning running lab was not a possibility for me. Anyway.. I'm sticking with my Salaried position and that leaves a great deal available for someone! I'll post stock pictures of what I have to save time as I am at work If someone is really interested I can polish everything up and take photos.

Pictured is the X5 Sirona Suite. Includes: Miller, Scanner, Sinter Furnace, and Design Station. msrp 120k

Since my purchase service company has changed from Patterson dental to Henry Schein.. I have contacted schien and service transfers with the serial numbers. Don't miss out on a great deal.. send personal messages for price and availability.. Thanks!!!!

Mill 1.jpg Mill 3.jpg Mill 4.jpg Mill 5.jpg
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