FREE Manufacturing Educational Programs Available for Dental Professionals Earn CE Credits



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Free Courses for Dental Professionals
Designed to Increase the Profitability of Any Practice, Lab or Milling Center.

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Earn 40 Scientific Credit Hours

We encourage you to tell your friends, co-workers, ownership, and colleagues at other companies about these programs so that they too may enjoy the benefits of these exciting new programs.
We're in This Together
Tools for Online Learning When the Classroom Closes

As dental practices, labs and milling centers close or see dramatic decreases in business in the wake of the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, the Axsys team is here for you. We’re committed to helping ensure our users have the tools they need to not only implement new technology but use any new time that is available to create more efficient toolpath's that can increase the profitability of the companies they own or work for.

Axsys Technical Educational Services has launched two new programs though our Virtual Academy to enable us to leverage our over 800 man-years of industrial digital manufacturing experience to provide true CAM and machining training to the dental community. This training is truly unique in the dental business and provides incremental skills development to complement our traditional classroom training offerings remotely from your home, office or lab locations.
  • Internet-based Distance Learning Workshops
  • Instructor-led “Power-Assist” internet-based training to front-end our traditional classroom-based training curriculum
We're confident that we can significantly improve your bottom line to help see you through these days—while creating a more prosperous future.

Make the most of this time to sharpen your skills and to get you up-to-speed before the rush of pent-up demand. Now through May 31, any person or company participating in one of our Distance Learning Workshops will receive a full-year subscription to all our workshops as they are released to the community.
Whether you’re looking to hone your skills or you're a new user and require complete, comprehensive training in a condensed timeframe— we have an
award-winning training solution for you.

Act now and get a FREE 1-year subscription to
the Axsys Virtual Academy Workshops

Call (248) 417-7067 to speak with a training specialist

Distance Learning Workshops
Addressing our new reality with focused, one-on-one, remote-based training
to sharpen your CNC programming skills.
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Learn milling and toolpath strategies that not only increase profitability but also quality and speed while allowing you to effectively machine new dental materials as they are introduced to the market.

Call (248) 417-7067 to speak with a training specialist.

Tools for Online Learning When the Classroom Closes
Courses are focused on tools, technologies and best practices—derived from over 800 man-years of manufacturing experience—that will improve the bottom line for dentists, labs, and milling centers and help carry them through the coming months while creating a more prosperous future.

Power Assist Virtual Training—The Best of All Worlds
More than just training videos or pre-recorded webinars. We've combined self-paced internet-based training, training collaterals and Mastercam software that is power-assisted by one of our expert Application Engineers to get you up-to-speed and productive in the shortest possible timeframe.

Students enrolled in the Mastercam Mill 2D Power Assist program receive access to online Mastercam University training to learn Mastercam at their own pace, with 4 specific break points defined during the 12-Lesson curriculum to have one-on-one web sessions with a senior Axsys instructor
MasteramUPowerAssist.jpgMastercam University
Online, video-based training offering 24/7 access to fully online training. Mastercam University courses are designed to be self-paced. Each lesson contains a set of learning objectives, assessment questions, and challenges to be completed by the student. You will earn a certificate for each course you complete.
HLE.jpgMastercam Software
A free download of Mastercam Demo/Home Learning Edition is provided with each course. This version of Mastercam designed is for learning purposes and getting familiar with the software. Mastercam Demo/HLE does not post code like Mastercam Educational Suite and other products, rather it allows users to design and program parts while exploring the functionality of the world’s leading CAD/CAM.
Instructor.jpgSenior Instructor
Students enrolled in the Power Assist Program enjoy the benefits of working with one of our highly-experienced Application Engineers and Senior Instructors. These resources typically have over 20-years real-world machining experience and 10-years' experience in teaching Mastercam to a diverse customer base consisting of users of all ages and experience levels.

This program is designed with 4 specific break points defined during the 12-lesson curriculum to have one-on-one web sessions your Senior Axsys instructor. These sessions are used to answer any questions you may have or reinforce any concepts presented during the previous lessons. You instructor will even give assignments, using the data of your choice or data provided to you that is applicable to your work. This personalized training is outside of that which is included in the standard curriculum to assure concepts are understood and you are best positioned to utilize Mastercam to perform your duties.








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the post says May 31, is that just outdated info from an early draft of the post or is this a thing until 2021?


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Oh Crap!
I think you are referring to the PDF.
Yes it should have been updated. It is now.
Thanks, Good Catch.
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