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deliver by amazon drone, pay next to nothing, employ robots, keep the profit.
Jason D

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we start at $12, company car, company cell phone, company shirts. within 90 days we usually increase it 1-2$ based upon their performance,
For some its a stepping stone to other roles within the organization, like marketing or inside customer service. Some want to learn technical later. Some of them love the role and the contact with the clients, and we ask a lot, so we continue to increase their rate based upon relationships built and held, good feedback from clients, and additional duties before/after their routes.

For us, a courier is a lot more than a 'pizza delivery' role, they are the eyes and ears of the company, they have a stake in what happens. They are our ambassadors out there, and have to be well trained as well as being good empathic service people.
Accordingly, they can get bonuses for growing their routes and they get full benefits including paid vacation, holidays, medical, dental, vision, 401k and company profit-sharing.


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Jason understands the delivery personnel are your best sales tools. If they are out driving around and can be rewarded for stopping somewhere new and dropping off info weekly--- sooner or later that office will give a call. This is the BEST marketing tool labs looking for local accounts have.
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