Specail Deal on ARUM 5axis Mill


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Hi Everyone,
We are offering the ARUM 5axis mill at a substantial discount. Here are the details:
Purchase the Mill from Axsys Dental, let us use it at the February 2014 Lab Day Show, then we will ship it to you, you pay the shipping costs. Price $79,900.00. We have done this in previous years but sold it at the show, this time we would like to get it sold before the show and give someone a good deal beforehand.
Let me know if you are interested.
Al DSCN0461.jpg DSCN0463.jpg DSCN0462.jpg DSCN0473.jpg DSCN0461.jpg
DSCN0462.jpg DSCN0463.jpg DSCN0473.jpg DSCN0461.jpg
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