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Hello! I was an EFDA for over 25 years. When I first started in the USAF, if I had a no show I would hang out in the lab and ask them if I could help with anything. So started the basics of pouring and trimming models, making suck down bleach trays and polishing nightguards. As a dental assistant, I did plenty of temp crown and bridges. I went to hygiene school, but did not complete the program due to divorce. Tried to get into dental school but was waitlisted. I'm 48 now, and the dentist I work with encouraged me towards digital dental lab. It makes more sense now than having to pay back 1/2 mill at my age. In hygiene school I studied dental anatomy and some dental materials. I've been working with my dentist for about 2 years now, and he has been my main source of instruction. I can design a fixed hybrid bridge, print and do characterization but there are gaps in my education that I'd like to fill. For instance, we don't use smile design software and I don't know if it's necessary or what but when I set the occlusion I wonder if it's being set properly with their VDO. I struggle with the abutments posts and cores emergence profile section and when/how to use the gingiva relief zone. I haven't used the sculpt attachment, plane cut, contacts and smoothing options and don't know when I should. My dentist is rather busy with patients and asking him for help is more of a yelling session to see what I know and to just do it like he says. Yeah, but I want to do this right and expand my skills so that one day I might be able to buy my own 3D equipment and have my own lab. Hopefully someone can guide me.
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