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We were using our tried and true broken arm casting machine here in our lab for years but decided to go back to the Modular 4 Induction casting machine due to some reconfiguration issues of our equipment. We have been casting non-precious alloys such as Rexillium with no issues, in fact better results than we ever could with the broken arm and torch. BUT, whenever we cast low fusing C&B alloys such as Argengo 58, we have miscasts/porosity due to overheating the metal. The alloy in the bottom of the crucible literally burns up/fries and the top of it won't fully melt. I've tried longer/slower melts and faster melts to no avail. I have also changed the casting temp set point up and down to try and adjust, also with failure. I've reached out to the people and techs at Nobilium (they are the company that deals with Modular induction casting machines these days) and haven't gotten an answer. I realize this machine is an older iteration of this brand of casting machine, but we aren't able to upgrade at this time. Any help?

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