Losing money to vacuum formed shell retainers?


Jason Griffiths

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The vacuum formed shell retainer has become a popular retention option due to its aesthetics. It's low cost make it very popular with dental professionals.

Due to the fragile nature of shell retainers, they may need to be frequently replaced due to breakage. This is a source of frustration for patients as well as doctors. With breakage, a patient's teeth may begin to relapse. Shell retainers may also prevent the teeth from settling into complete occlusion.

There is an alternative now to these problems. An aesthetic labial bow that is inexpensive, virtually unbreakable, easy to use and adjustable with 3 prong pliers.

Check out< www.clearbow.com > to learn more and regain your Hawley retainer business!
Marcusthegladiator CDT

Marcusthegladiator CDT

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Its a nice idea, but I think patients opt out of a Hawley cause they don't like sleeping with an appliance in their mouth and it feels unnatural on their pallet and tongue. But I definitely agree that shell retainers such as Essix and such are very fragile.
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