Anaxdent "The Show" PMMA now milling at Alien Milling Technologies



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Anaxdent "The Show" PMMA

July 7th, 2022
Based on customers' popular demands, Alien Milling adds "The Show" 10-Layer PMMA from Anaxdent USA to it's comprehensive milling line up. We are excited to have such an innovative product listed on our site. Make your next temporary case with "The Show" from Anaxdent.
From the Manufacturer

anaxCAM: The Show is the premier product in anaxdent's anaxCAM line

Product Benefits:

- Invisible transition between layers due to 10-layer gradient design

- Faster, cleaner milling due to premium, highly-dense PMMA material

- Faster, bur-friendly post milling finishing due to high density of the PMMA disc

- 20, 25 and 30mm thicknesses available in 98.5mm diameter discs

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