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    Jul 19, 2018 at 9:34 AM
      1. capickettcdt
        Rob...Long time
        Have an e-max issue I think you might could help me with. Tell me about serrated/saw tooth margins? Or call me or e-mail me.
        800-626-5651 x1275 [email protected]
      2. jmlspud
        Hello. Noticed some older posts regarding pressing eMax in a pro press 100. If you could share parameters I would appreciate it.
        Thank you!
      3. DMC
        Good to see ya back!!
      4. Tom Moore
        Tom Moore
        I've called every phone number on your web site to talk with you personaly about you calling me a piece of **** on the internet. Rare you on your hind legs like a man and answer your phone.
      5. JonB
        wrong place - moving to PM
      6. stt672
        My bad regaurding Straumann, maybe I got you mixed up with labdude? Anyway I still like your posts, and especially your American pride!!!!
      7. thetoothfarie
        You know I already love you, you remind me of my favorite uncle. I don't post offen, but I snoop alot, and you are one of the ones I follow. I respect your knowledge, after all you are Marine trained. I thought my self... started with the Navy hand book in '89.
      8. TheLabGuy
        awwww......you're so sweet Troy, but you don't need to be my friend because you're like the gum on the bottom of my shoe....your stuck with me. :):)
      9. dmonwaxa
        I saw you only had two friends..... so I'm offfering my friendship. I hope you know I m only giving you a hard time but no hard feelings.
      10. anil patel
        anil patel
        hello lab guy,
        h r u ? can u give me conversion chart,i am using emax for zirkoina so i have need to conversion,i hope u will give me ,

        anil patel
      11. anil patel
        anil patel
      12. kent.stuart
        Hi, Lab Guy. Thank you for posting your d.SIGN to Vita 3D conversion chart. Very accurate. Does the same mixes work for e.max Ceram to Vita 3D? Thanks again, Kent
      13. zena
        Knock Knock!
        Who's there?
        Little old lady.
        Little old lady who?
        Wow! I didn't know you could yodel.
      14. v2thmaster
        Rob, thank you for quick reply, I'm really appreciate it. By "We" opening the lab I meant me and my friend. I will definitely let you know how's it going, and I would sure use your offer to call you if we will have a questions if you are o.k. this that. I promise we will not abuse your offer. On the same note are you pressing your e.max in WipMix or you have a Programat?
      15. v2thmaster
        Hi Rob!
        I really enjoyed reading your posts. If you have time to answer a couple questions I would really like to hear your expertise on this.
        We are working on open a lab in a next month or so.
        I am still debating on the porcelain and ovens to work with. I had worked before with Reflex, Lava Ceram, Synspar (bed memories) and Avante Z. I’m sure not going to get any of those.
        For a new lab this is what I think: Noritake or E.Max Ceram for Zircona, can’t decide between d.Sign or InLine for PFM, and finally e.Max or Empress for inlay/onlay and veneers (unless were is something else better ). We are also debating what ovens to get, this what I have in mind EP3000 for press and p300, or should we go with WipMix 100 pro and 100 press (if I can press emax and empress in wip mix). I would really appreciate your advice, if you have any suggestion on the porcelains ( ZR, PFM , All ceramic ) and ovens please let me know.

        Thank you for your time and hope to hear from you soon.
      16. zena
        Hi you seem to know it all so can you give me a hand with explaining the differences and advantages on these type of implant connections,
        1. Conical connection
        2.Built in Platform shifting
        3.Hexagonal interlocking
        4.Dual function prosthetic connection
        Any help would be greatly appreciated.
      17. Therapeutic Global
        Therapeutic Global
        Hi there. What a fantastic forum you guys have here! I'm a newbie and not very savvy with the forum yet. Would you mind if I emailed or called you directly? I have an interesting proposal and would like to see if you think the users here may be interested. If not, I'm not sure what category my post would fall under and I don't want to be the annoying guy that just clutters up the forum boards.

        Thanks so much. I hope to hear from you soon. Have a fantastic week!

        [email protected]
      18. TheLabGuy
        Marisa, just give me your email address
      19. Marisamb
        Hi How are you doing? I just noticed an old post of yours. Its in regard to shade. I need to convert Chromoscope 6c/440 into vita classic. Would you be ablt to fax me your conversion chart?
        (800) 354-6022

      20. TheLabGuy
        Thanks Travis, it's done.
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