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    Jun 11, 2018
      1. kotharyabbas
        Hello Sir,
        Have you worked with zirconium from Dental Direkt? If so please share your experiences about its quality and shade outcomes after applying the dip liquid techniques over the Zr restorations? Thanks
      2. chromecobalt
        Hi Bob, looking to purchase DWX50 in the near future if the price is right. I want to buy from US and ship it all the way to oceania since they do not sell roland mills here. Where can I contact for a full quote?
      3. JeffreyDugré
        Hi bob i got a question for you, i'm looking for a milling unit able to mill dry and wet i need to mill emax , Zr , composite , wax and not alot of titanium but want to be able to mill implant bars do you suggest me : coritec 450i wet, Zirkonzhan m1 wet heavy or wieland select thanks for your time and your experience sharing !
        1. BobCDT
          Hi Jeff,
          I really can't recommend any of the mills you have asked about for milling screw retained ti bars. I'm thinking you need to be spending much more $$$ for this application. The 450i will do everything else on your list very well.
          If you want more info contact Sam here at CAP 977-977-7889.
          Sep 4, 2014
        2. JeffreyDugré
          Thx bob, i think i will continu to outsource my implant bars thanks for your answer i agree with you !!
          Sep 6, 2014
      4. labguy5381

        CAP is milling E-max wax on the Roland mill to be pressed, How accurate do you expect your margins to be out of the mill? Do you need to work on the margins at all before investing? What is reasonable to expect as far as time spent adjusting the margins in the waxing department after milling?
        Thanks for any help you can give,
        Jim Smith
      5. jerry
        we can open any OPEN system file, like dcm/dec/tri/ stl .... 32hours send back to you ,, low price , nice shape . worth to try
        first 5cases would be free for new customer ,,
        just send the file to our email or use FTP to send us ,, my email: artuban[email protected]
      6. jerry
        Hello Bob;
        do you know there is anyone need outsource their Zir design and implant deign work , i am looking for the business, please introduce your friend to me ,thanks,,,
        we can open any OPEN system file, like dcm/dec/tri/ stl .... 32hours send back to you ,, low price , nice shape . worth to try,,,,
      7. DMC
        Bob, do you not see these questions to be answered? Maybe so, maybe not?

        Do you know how to accept friends, or do you ever try to add friends to your list?

        Get more social on this site! I have had pending friend request for you for quite a while now.

        Maybe you don't know? It wouldn't hurt one bit...I promise. LOL

        You should maintain this section of your membership here.

        Recently, I had a mod delete some negative words aginst you right below this post.

        For the life of me, I couldn't understand why you did not delete the post, or report it, or even respond to it.

        Just an observation......

      8. EJADA
        Bob, I was looking on cap website foe a prep guide to give my clients. I have you guys do some FCZ for me and thought the CAP site might have a downloadable prep guide. It would be a good idea. There is much miss information out there abut this. Does CAP have guide lines?
      9. RileyS
        Thanks for the reply, sorry it took so long to say thanks. .3 is pretty impressive, we are thinking about getting the origin as they are our neighbors and having close support seems almost priceless. If you have another second share your thoughts on the Origin, we'd most likely get onw we can mill titanium and possibly the 5 axis and two puck holder.
      10. RileyS
        Hey Bob, I'm wondering what your favorite mill in your lab is. We have our eye on one that you use and what would like to hear your recommendation. We'd be doing FCZ and wax milling. We are starting to do about 4 bars a week now so may get into ti.
        Thanks for any replies
      11. ice_pascu
        and for realy big quantitis we wil make a price special
      12. ice_pascu
        hello,the price for a common size is about 12 euro but we can sell for les for big quantitis like,9 or 10 euros,thank you
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