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  • OpalEssence

    OpalEssence wrote on Sath's profile.

السلام عليكم how are you i joined the network yesterday i'm looking for a new job in the U.S and also to to get to know new technicians in the world. do you speak arabic ? how is work in Algeria, do you make money from the lab. business ?
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    Tamas urban wrote on PDC's profile.

I am looking for lab start up.
  • Mrs.galfriday

    Mrs.galfriday wrote on Patrick Coon's profile.

Re: EProgramat (2013) 5000. Error mssg #20 Fuse. Checked fuse, it's not burnt out. Left message with Ivoclar center in NY. Is there a local service center near Concord CA 94519? San Francisco, CA area.
Thanks Patrick. I will call Monday (today is Sunday 1-27-19). It would be great if there was a local service area, in case I need a new muffle.
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    Tamas urban wrote on Jon the denture dentist's profile.

We like to work with you.
Jon the denture dentist
Jon the denture dentist
I received your message. I have hired a denture technician since I posted my help wanted post. Thank you for following up with me and good luck on your job search.
Tamas urban

    DESS-USA wrote on Jason D's profile.

Hi Jason:
Do you provide FDA consulting services?
Keith Goldstein
  • mert_k

    mert_k wrote on Zsolt Kovacs's profile.

Dear Zsolt Kovacs,
I have a dental lab in Turkey, and we are working with Heraceram ceramic system.
We have a great difficulty to produce crowns up to the recent Vita 3D Master shade guide.

As you are an opinion leader for Heraeus, I wonder if you could kindly help me with any shade conversion chart between Vita Classical and 3D Master, especially by using Heraceram?

Best Regards,
IMC Protez

    DESS-USA wrote on Kobra Kai's profile.

Preat is a reseller of Glidewell scan bodies and components. For a lower price and better quality you should go to DESS USA. Plus I will give you a superior ti base, a broader range of library files for different applications, a FDA approved component, and lifetime warranty on the implant too...
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    Tamas urban wrote on Joshua R. Baldwin's profile.

I am interested in the exocad system with pc.
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    Tamas urban wrote on NicelyMKV's profile.

how much is the 3shape D900?
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    charles007 wrote on 2oothguy's profile.

Hey Toothless 2oothguy

Argen has a new material you should like, HT+ …..and you will love their milled gold crowns,,
They just started milling ceramic alloys and the fits are superior to their DPM

Where do you live in NC and your name... do I know you ?
Are you using Exocad…. just curious

Charles in Fayetteville...
Yeah Charles this is Josh here in Greensboro. Yes I use Argen for our gold and bridges. Just got a price from Mac today. I am going to send them a couple and see how they look. Tell James I said hey. Hope all is well down there. The Dof scanner is working great. Just wish I had more time to spend on it playing around. But for now it's doing what I need. Love designing my own abutments.
I thought that was you but didn't know your dln name …. lol
You will love the new HT + that just was released. Make sure you use HT + NOT regular HT.

Curious how long does it take you to log scan a full arch single unit case till, Once you get to the CAD program where you mark the margins ?
How many minutes ?

My Medit Hybrid scanner takes 8 minutes. The newest Medit takes less than 3 minutes.
To be honest im not sure. I have someone else enter the info and scan for me. But im thinking when i was doing it it was 6 min or so. i know i can do a full contour design in about 5-6 min.
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    bigbrush wrote on kharlieb's profile.

Hello kharlieb,

you will find no way to convert all this files you want without using sirona software.
They are really closed, and I know what I´m saying. I do converting through their software and it works perfect.
If you are interrested I can offer you a Cad16 version with all modules. All licences are unused so i could do it on your codemeterstick.
best regards Tom
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    bigbrush wrote on Roman's profile.

Hello Roman,

can you give me a hint for usb over ip-technology?

  • queenp

    queenp wrote on FrontHunter's profile.

Is the Excavator still available?
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    bigbrush wrote on ThatRoo's profile.

Hello ThatRoo,

if you need I can help you with a complete CAD16 software, includung all modules. So you can go via cerec connect - construction in CAD16 and export to your mill.
best regards Tom
Hey Ron, I would like to try the grey wax, how much per 16mm disks? Thanks In Advance, Mike from New Creations in Green Bay WI. You had sent me some shade guides a while back. If you need address again let me know.
Again Thanks!
I still have your address. I'll send you a free 16mm gray wax no problem and these are $15 any size up to 25mm.
Dental Ventures
OUR NEW's CREAMPRESS IS MAKING WAVES, you can see us in Dental Town and Sept Issue of LMT
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    canack7 wrote on CreativeTech's profile.

Hello Danny
Did you sell you T500 ?
Eric C. Burgio
  • Eric C. Burgio

    Eric C. Burgio wrote on pjd cdt's profile.

Really interested in the smell bacon please contact me with some more information and photos hey your convenience my cell phone number is 203-802-7377 look forward to hearing from you thanks Eric
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