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Hello ThatRoo,

if you need I can help you with a complete CAD16 software, includung all modules. So you can go via cerec connect - construction in CAD16 and export to your mill.
best regards Tom
Hey Ron, I would like to try the grey wax, how much per 16mm disks? Thanks In Advance, Mike from New Creations in Green Bay WI. You had sent me some shade guides a while back. If you need address again let me know.
Again Thanks!
I still have your address. I'll send you a free 16mm gray wax no problem and these are $15 any size up to 25mm.
Dental Ventures
OUR NEW's CREAMPRESS IS MAKING WAVES, you can see us in Dental Town and Sept Issue of LMT
  • canack7

    canack7 wrote on CreativeTech's profile.

Hello Danny
Did you sell you T500 ?
Eric C. Burgio
  • Eric C. Burgio

    Eric C. Burgio wrote on pjd cdt's profile.

Really interested in the smell bacon please contact me with some more information and photos hey your convenience my cell phone number is 203-802-7377 look forward to hearing from you thanks Eric
Eric C. Burgio
  • Eric C. Burgio

    Eric C. Burgio wrote on JROB41784's profile.

Hey Rob I’m interested in the smell you posted can you give me a call whenever you have a chance resell phone number is 203-802-7377 thanks
Eric C. Burgio
  • Eric C. Burgio

    Eric C. Burgio wrote on Dan Henry's profile.

Do you still have that 50 for sale if so how much are you asking for it by any chance would you have any photos thanks let me know appreciate you
keith goldstein
  • keith goldstein

    keith goldstein wrote on Brett Hansen CDT's profile.

call titan implants for the sybron parts...they may have parts
Brett Hansen CDT
Brett Hansen CDT
I tried them. They didn't have parts for this implant.
Working full time at Creighton University Fixed Prosthetics Lab
Send hate mail and letter bomb's to 2thm8kr's inbox @
....If you need to reach me you know where to find me. Or just send me a text.... if you have my digits.....
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Nice !! Are you a lab owner as well?
Oh, no. Maybe someday. I've been in the dental industry for about 10 years. Started in the digital dental model room of the 3M Lava COS team and now I'm Dental Product Manager at Formlabs.
  • L

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Hi Lenny, I have some other options I would love to talk with you about. Would you mind giving me a call?
  • L

    laceygoriDD wrote on LennyT's profile.

Okay, so unfortunately I can only find a used 4 axis, very affordable. If that peaks your interests you, call me at 480-948-0466 x 1019

Have a nice day!
Thanks, but i really need the fifth axis also.
  • L

    laceygoriDD wrote on LennyT's profile.

Hi Lenny, I work for Digital Dental out of Scottsdale, Arizona and we are known for our engineering of 4 and 5 axis mills! I am going to ask around and see if we can help you out at all :)
Sarah Downs
Learned more about 3Shape and dental restorations in 4 months than anything I learned in 3 years of college, lol
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    Alex Sever wrote on KIM's profile.

Just wanted to ask if you gut your VHF R5 up and running. I would really appreciate some insight about the machine.
Thank you
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