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Hello everyone,

The Ortho practice I work for is looking for a lab that could print 3D models for us on a consitent basis. We use Carestream and iTerro scanners. We would need models printed for Indirect bonding, acrylic/metal appliances and aligners. Eventually you could be printing 50, 70 or more models per day. Also, we are located in Wisconsin.
If interested please let me know;
-price w shipping
-turnaround time
-production capabilities, ie workload, accuracy, resin type, can you debond digitally, space for bands digitally..ect

rkm rdt

rkm rdt

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50 models x $25/ model =$1250/day
Why not buy a printer and hire a technician ?
Car 54

Car 54

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Agree, at least get a printer, it will more than cover your ROI, and then some.
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