Vita zyrcomat 6000 ms contaminated???



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Hi not sure where to post this question...but Neways anyone please answer. So I have a zyrcomat 6000 ms that is like 7 yes old with decent amount of use and some heating elements that are not oem. Not sure exactly where they from but I know they are cheap.
I did a cleaning cycle recently bc the oven said to do it and I noticed That the heating elements looked like they had some damage afterward. And inside the oven were smaller particles everywhere that appeared to have flaked off of the elements. <<not good>> so now I did a Bake w/blank white pieces and they came out heavily discolored yellow with some pieces having an opaque appearance to them. Any ideas on wuts going on and more importantly does anyone know what would be a guaranteed fix for the oven issues...oh BTW someone already told me to get a new oven so I already know about that one...hehe. I welcome everyone's comments!!
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