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Yet, no one is mentioning that this could be the Tribulation.
That must mean they actually found the Ark of the Covenant at Oak Island?
How is this worse than the black death that wiped out a 1/3 of the worlds population? Certainly there was far worse war, famine, plague back then, and very little you could do about it or understand it, exactly why it was blamed on sinfulness. As a believer Im inclined to think that God loves this creation and that its growing towards love and understanding, not towards a fiery pit. Take a look at the legacy of the kiddie-diddlers that edited the end of the story to control people with fear. If God is a judge to be feared then he contradicts Himself when He says there is no fear in love, but perfect love casts out fear.


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they didn't want to do it over the phone they made me go in to the bank and sit down and sign their paper. but all they needed to know was that i was unemployed due to the virus.

Donnie Praditya Sugiarto

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This CoronaVirus is really bad for business. Here in Indonesia, Government ordered us to shut down non essential business, including dental, hmmmmm

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