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I am adding two more designing seats and I wonder what is the best way to use the same database on all computers. Should I build a separate server for the database and connect the computers with LAN to it or is there other good solutions?

Thanks is andvance


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I think it's a good idea to have to have each system separated wherever possible. Then if there is a problem with a program or hardware the whole lot isn't down.
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What we do is 'network' all the design/mill pc's to each other. Create a network 'design folder' (or 'scan folder', name it whatever you want). Make exocad 'save' all scan/design files in this networked design folder. Then everything is saved there...your milling pc can grab it from there, or if you are can easily get a external harddrive and back everything up every couple weeks from that folder. Or, if you are a complete nerd, you can install a shared device program and work on anything in that folder from your recliner at home with your feet up. Warning though, whatever computer your designing off of, must have the exocad dongle inserted. If anyone has a better way, would love to hear it, but this is what we do currently. Hope that helps


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We have 2 scanners and 3 designing licenses, so 5 PC running connected to one database and CAD Data folder. I use NAS for that. Works great, I did not encounter any problems so far.


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Definitely NAS. I recommend Synology for many reasons.
Also look at USB over IP technology.
It will allow you share ANY USB Device with many PCs. Scanner for example, or dongle ;)


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are you talking about hardware solutions like Digi's AW line / SEH's myUTN or software solutions like FlexiHub?
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