For Sale Used Crown and Bridge/Denture Lab Equipment-Going Out of Business



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Check out the equipment listed. I would prefer to sell as a package for the right offer and would appreciate anyone that can point me in the right direction to make that connection. If you are interested in a particular item make an offer by private message.I have pics of most everything and the condition listed is as accurate as I could make.I am located in northeast Wisconsin and open to making partial delivery if it makes sense, otherwise shipping at your expense through UPS/FEDEX.

1-3M Visilux Visible Light Cure unit-serviceable cond., torn rubber on/off switch protector.
2-Ney Surveyors/assorted tools, 1 very good cond., 1 good condition, both sound.
1-Yates and Bird Electric Soldering Machine, older-hardly used, very good condition.
1-Henry Schein Wax Dip Pot, good serviceable condition.
1-Whip Mix non vacuum 6 amp Power Mixer, older, good condition.
1- Red Wing Model 26 1/4 HP Lathe/Wells Super Quick Chuck, good/serviceable condition.
1-Red Wing Model 26 1/4 HP Lathe, good/serviceable condition.
1-Box assorted Wells Super Quick Chuck parts.
1-Ney Super Vac Pump, old, working condition.
1-Ney Diaphram Vacuum Pump Model DAA-V176-EB, very good condition, has cord splice repair.
1-Hanau 2 Stage/2 Station Denture Curing Unit, Very good condition, slight cosmetic defects.
1- Coe Built Pneumatic Flask Press, good working condition/serviceable. Will need fittings tightened.Minor.
6-Brass Varsity Flasks-upper and lower, carriers, plates, good condition.
1-Vita Easy Shade, older version, very good condition, with manual, 6 paks of infection control shields, 1 new bulb.
1-AMP Sterngold Model Pin Drill, older, good condition. Old school but very functional.
2-Dentsply Triad 2000 Light Cure units, 1 very good condition with brand new bulb installed and manual, 1older, good condition. Both work excellent.
1-DRM Diamondlite Light Cure unit, Model DL500 H-300, very good condition.
1-Attachments International Milling Surveyor with lite, Model SA 3000 L (missing one handpiece clamp arm),Otherwise in very good condition.
1-Stalite Sta-Vac vacuum former, older unit in very good condition.
1-T&S Dental(Keystone Industries) Vacuum Forming Machine Model 101, good condition, works great.
1-Howmedica Shell Blaster Model 4781, good condition, cracking in rubber glove at clamp area.
1-Vanivac, older, works good, serviceable.
2-Handler Polishing Tray units with lights/stainless pan inserts, good condition.
1-Renfert Hotty LED 1461-1000 Wax Dipping unit, good condition, works very well.
1-Ray Foster Wet Model Trimmer Model 30, 1/3 HP, serviceable condition, works well.
1-Handler Wet Model Trimmer Model 31, 1/3 HP/electric water valve, good condition, serviceable.
1-Dentsply ProMix Amalgamation unit Model 400, never used, like new condition.
8-Trubyte Portrait IPN Shade Guides, many unopened, all like new. Excellent/very good condition.
6-Assorted Denture Shade Guides, very good,good condition.
2-Three Compartment Plaster Bins (wall),good condition.
1-Galletti Articulator, good condition, has all parts.
4-Hanaumate Articualtors, good condition.
1-Whip Mix Model 100 Simple Articulator, fair condition but missing hinge spring parts.
1-Shofu Handy III M Articulator, good condition.
4-Dentsply Triad Articulators/2 occlusal tables, missing 2 pins, fair condition.
20-Simple metal articulators, serviceable condition.
2-Doriot Handpieces 9only, no motors),good condition.
1-NSK Presto Handpiece with manual, needs turbine replaced, otherwise in very good condition.
1-NSK Presto II Regulator, very good condition.
1-Ney Grande Hurricane h.s. Handpiece, needs turbine, good condition.
2- Compressed Air Regulators, one without bowl, good condition.
2- High Speed Handpiece Foot Controls, one for NSK, very good condition.
2-Keystone Reline Jigs, good condition.
3-Metal Duplicating Flasks, good condition.
1-Curing Flask, fair condition.
1-Pentron Auto Press Plus Porcelain/Pressing Oven, works great, was using up to 2 weeks ago-does have repairable vacuum leak, good condition.
1-JP Whisper Vacuum Pump, goes with porcelain/pressing oven, good condition.
1-Ney Sunfire 10 Porcelain Oven, older unit, needs platform closing mechanism fixed to use. Muffle and circuits work. Repairable. Fair condition.
60-Used Lab Pans

4 Station Dental Arte Dental Lab workstation consisting of two porcelain work areas and two waxing areas configured in a grouping that lets technicians face each other. Has two bagless vacuum units that go with it, and table bump downs to accomodate two porcelain furnaces at ergonomic levels for porcelain stations. Built in overhead lighting, vacuum unit controls, electrical, gas valves, beautiful unit that is in overall very good condition. I have floor plan diagram pics of it put together, currently separated into 3 units. Have a couple pics of it when together but not the best, and some as 3 pieces as it is now to give you an idea. Dental Arte is high quality lab furniture.


IMG_1627.JPG IMG_1633.JPG IMG_1639.JPG IMG_1636.JPG IMG_1638.JPG IMG_1641.JPG IMG_3398.JPG IMG_3399.JPG IMG_1621.JPG IMG_1625.JPG IMG_1627.JPG IMG_1633.JPG IMG_1639.JPG IMG_1636.JPG IMG_1638.JPG IMG_1641.JPG IMG_3398.JPG IMG_3399.JPG IMG_1625.JPG


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No, unless by our uncannily close choice in wittily spelled handles counts.


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No, unless by our uncannily close choice in wittily spelled handles counts.
I agree, quite witty and creative. That's how I know you are one of the smarter one's around here. Good luck on your sale.



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There're quite a few tooth makers on this


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What the price off the 3 frame an 6 flasks. Thanks
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