To all Network Infrastructure Gurus: 3Shape Site to Site Networking



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Hi all,

Have any of you guys had success using 3Shape that is hosted in one location, from another location? E.g.: A 3Shape server that is in one building being accessed from another building in a different state. I've been trying to do this and thought it would be possible via site to site VPN, DFS, and SQL replication but I am still experiencing latency that makes the environment less than ideal. I wish I knew more about the 3Shape software to understand how it runs and what files it loads upon boot up of the applications and while loading orders.

I wish 3Shape was not setup in a way where the exe for the different modules (DentalManager, DentalDesigner, etc) are launched from the 3Shape server. If the exe's were launched locally and the server was only used for resources like files and databases, then I would experience less latency since less packets would be sent through the WAN. Then I can just replicate the files via DFS and replicate the databases through SQL replication.

Or maybe this is possible? Can 3Shape be setup to where the exe gets launched locally but still uses the server to centralize all of the cases, materials, etc?

Has anyone had any success doing this?
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