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Long one this time.

I don't use spell check, get over it.( If you need to.):)

My situation sounds more glamourous than it is.( maybe it doesn't, i don't know.)
Here's the full low down.
I was 16, started working in a model lab. Worked there for 11 years. Couldn't go any farther there, started my own. I waited to long by about 5 or 6 years.
The lab I worked for, we were doing 96 models per day for 21 days every month. My pay was based on output. 2016 models per month.

I never got that large on my own. I meant to but was distracted by appliance work. A doctor insisted I do his retainers and started sending the stuff. I refused, he kept sending. Allowed all the time I neede to set up.
There went 2000 plus models a month. Retainers are so much more lucretive!!

Model making.

Open a business reply account with closest Post Office.
All models are 2 week turn around. (10 business days). They ship on the 1st, returned by the 15th.
Impressions are bagged (supplied by us) closed with a twist tie. Bags and boxes etc. are available from Paper Mart. Best prices and they are on line.
Imps need to be wrapped in wet paper towels. Supply a business reply sticker to all offices.
Shelves 4" deep and as long as you need are where incoming imps go. Pres. under each bagged imp. Due date is placed on outside of pres. for easy reference.
Sterilize imps. and pour up. Use a stainles steel mixing bowl. Largest available will allow for the pouring of 2 uppers and 2 lowers form one mix.
Use Columbia bases extra large from OSE supply.
Find the most visious tray cleaner you can. All trays are etched with the doctors name for correct return.
At your local restaurant supply you can pick up silverware holders made of heavy plastic. Holders are filled with solution, trays are placed in order of models.
Major note, aquire some used cafeteria trays if possible. A good source is a local hospital, they sometimes have used ones you can buy at a savings. You must be pushy and insistant, get to the person that can help you out with this.
Trays where I used to work were large enough to hold 8 sets of models untrimmed. Pres. placed under each model. Make racks to hold these trays.
Simple, just need runners to reach to edge of tray, the slide in and out nicely.

Edited out unsafe things, pm for details on modifying model trimmer.

Model trimmer. Use a diamond wheel 12".
Place model trimmer in a sediment tray. Foster or somebody makes these.
This allows for you to open the out flow of the trimmer, no hose attached, just runs into the tray. Hose comes off this tray to a sink. Actually not a hose but a 1 1/2" plastic pipe cut in half. Allows for easy cleaning of debrise with a quick swipe of you hand.
Sink needs to have a small pipe about 1" shorter than the top of the sink installed. Water will over flow the top of the pipe, sediment will be caught in sink for later removal and drying for disposal. Also, there must be a plaster trap under the sink as well, this sink trap will not get everything.

Continued in study models, version 2.
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