Splinting and bonding Emax vs. Zirconia



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I have a case which the doctor is asking for Emax on. 4 veneers and 2 crowns (8&9 which he wants splinted). I'm a little apprehensive about splinting the 2 centrals since it's not really indicated in the manual.

I was thinking more in terms of using the Katana STML for everything including the veneers. I wouldn't have ventured into this realm knowing how zirconia supposedly doesn't bond that well. But now, with the newer cements, such as the Panavia V5, I might consider it. https://www.kuraraynoritake.eu/pub/media/pdfs/panavia-v5-brochure-en.pdf

I would like to stick with the same material or the entire case if possible.

Does anyone have any accounts that has used the newer cements such as the V5 with veneers? Thoughts and input is appreciated!


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A newer tech was tasked with doing 4 veneers for one of our patients. Not knowing that zirconia doesn't bond, they made the veneers out of Zr.
Doc places them and a few days later the patient returns with one of the centrals in their hand. At the appointment one if the laterals comes loose. The patient is upset because they are leaving town for the weekend. Doc figures out the tech made the veneers out of zr and then applies Bisco Z-Prime to the veneers to get the patient through the weekend.

New veneers are milled from emax. Patient comes in for a 'short' appointment to pop the zr veneers off and bond the emax in their place
The doc had to prep the veneers off the teeth all the way down to the tooth structure.

Long story short. If you want to bond zirconia and have it stay in place use a bonding agent. In our experiences it works.


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Just make sure the connection is thick and you should be fine.

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i did upto 4unit in anterior with E-max and its been 2months since patient left with it. cheers~
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