[Semi-Flexible Thermo Acrylic] AcryFlex: repair/reline with any conventional cold-cure acrylic, no re-injection or bonding liquids required!!



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AcryFlex (formerly Acrytone) is our proprietary semi-flexible acrylic that is a superior alternative for hybrid and cast partials cases as well as many conventional flexible cases too. It is a truly repairable flexible material with any conventional cold-cure acrylic and does not require re-injection and bonding agents. Due to its acrylic composition, it can be easily processed and finished in a fraction of the time with amazing aesthetic results and less effort.

Request a sample: https://www.snowrockusa.com/acry-flex

*AcryFlex requires an injection system and furnace and melting conditions vary depending on your furnace's brand.

We will post additional information soon and welcome any questions and/or testimonials in this thread.

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