[Self-Cure Repair/Reline Acrylic] TurboFix: cures without a pressure pot and no issues with porosity



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TurboFix (formerly "Iso-Fast") is our own proprietary self-cure repair/reline acrylic that cures without the use of a pressure pot. Cures within minutes and can be accelerated by immersing in hot water. Our customers love TurboFix due to its convenience, strength, and consistent results. Additionally, we carry the same shades as Lucitone 199 and an amazing "universal" shade (#7a real pink) that adapts to any acrylic it bonds with. TurboFix has quickly become one of our most successful products simply through word-of-mouth and its convenience.

Request a sample: https://www.snowrockusa.com/turbo-fix

We will post additional information soon and welcome any questions and/or testimonials in this thread.

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we love it and use it for most small repairs. 3min cure time. (we do use a pressure pot still but its isnt needed.)

i should get paid for these free ads lol
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