Roland dwx 52dci lines on zirconia crown surface???



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Well it is strange as I am updating Roland's version of Millbox. How can they put up software, that is not working correctly? For me it is good bye for this company, will change them one-by-one. I have had problems for over a year now and there is nothing mechanical wrong with the machines. I got a brand new one by the end of the last year and the problems were there right out of the box.
Unfortunately it's not uncommon. I mean 3Shape puts out non functional software pretty much every year yet plenty of people still use it, myself included. Unfortunately the milling software issues we are referencing don't seem to have the same type of workarounds as design software.

Too me based on the information gotten through the process of trouble shooting Rolands with direct help from Roland that they have lowered their standards to accomplish something that I'm sure they feel is worth it (maybe save money, maybe trying to accomplish faster mill times, I don't want to assume it's for bad reasons). Hopefully they will realize people are noticing and aren't please and they will correct their course

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