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Hi guys I’m having issues with my machine smashing through our emax blocks , we wax and scan our restorations using 3 shape , we’ve tried everything from calibration to new filters etc , machines about 1 year old sometimes it works fine and then goes on a emax smashing rampage , anyone having same issues ? Is there a setting on millbox thats maybe off or is there anything anyone can think of ? One thing I did notice when milling a molar was after doing the outer shape of the tooth it then trimmed the spruce section , after that it flipped over and milled the fitting surface which i found an odd tool path as the sprue was then a weak point ??! Needles to say it pinged off !! Any help greatly appreciated


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Having same issue with My Motion 2 from. AG with emax also. . Slams into the ingot and breaks or FLATTENS the burr tip into a doughnut! True crushing force!
Does not happen often but AG doesn’t figure it out. Also when using hybrid composite ingots it slams into the mandrel sometimes during milling and sometimes at the end of the mill cycle.
Wish I had answers….🤷🏼‍♂️

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