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We are so thankful to the members of DLN as well as readers of LMT Magazine for helping our laboratory grow to new leaps and bounds over the past year. We attended LMT Lab Day Chicago as an exhibitor for the first time and met so many great people. Our lab will be celebrating our 12 year anniversary next week! We have added many new labs recently and wanted to share some of their honest reviews of our work:

We really appreciate your lab getting the partials to us so quickly, how easy it was to communicate with the office staff and the updates letting us know what was going on without having to call! In regards to quality, everything was great and our patients enjoyed the feel and aesthetics of the partials and they went in with no/ very minimal adjustment. - Laurel Pines Dental

I just received a framework with a metal occlusal and loved it. The bite was perfect and the design was great, I was very happy with the entire case. It was my first ever metal occlusal framework. I will be sending out another ten or so cases today! - Accu-Tec Dental Lab

All the cases went well, very good looking, the vitallium had a nice shine on it, and when doing chairside it went perfect! - GSR Dental Lab

I appreciate the level of communication that Mabel provides! I am able to keep my doctors up to date on their cases much easier than when I used other framework labs… not to mention that I never have issues with either the fit or the quality of the frameworks you produce. Thanks again! - Fina Dental Lab

If you want to learn how you can partner with our lab, please drop us a line at [email protected] or call us 877.622.3533. You may ask for Evan our owner or Amy our office manager, we look forward to an opportunity to serve you and your clients!

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