[Premium Flexible Thermoplastic] FlexFit: superior alternative for unbreakable flexible nylons. better aesthetics, easier to finish, and precise fit



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FlexFit (formerly Rezen NF) is our premium thermoplastic material for flexible partials to provide a superior alternative to conventional flexible nylons on the market. FlexFit finishes with ease and amazing aesthetics while providing a precise fit that both patients and doctors notice immediately. FlexFit can be used for virtually any kind of flexible case and opens up the possibilities for many unique designs due to its semi-rigidity. Our customers have reported spending 50% less time grinding and finishing FlexFit compared to their previous flexible resins.

Request a sample: https://www.snowrockusa.com/flex-fit

*FlexFit requires an injection system and furnace and melting conditions vary depending on your furnace's brand.

We will post additional information soon and welcome any questions and/or testimonials in this thread.

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