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What is good source to buy PMMA pucks 98X ?
Car 54

Car 54

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Well of course Ron @rc75 would say he is, and rightly so.
I buy from him as well as Ivoclar. Some like the ones from Harvest Dental, also.
Patrick Coon

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As far as I know, directly from them: https://www.harvestdental.com/collection
Or from Ivoclar.

What are you looking to do with a PMMA disk? Are you looking for milled denture teeth, long term temporaries, denture bases, etc.?

Each choice would have a different answer.

Milled Denture Teeth - SR VivodentCAD Multi is a Double Cross Linked (DCL) tooth shaded disk for milled denture teeth (only one out there that I am aware of). It is the same chemistry as the Blueline denture teeth (SR Vivodent DCL). This will have the same wear characteristics as the carded denture teeth. Not good for Temporaries though (especially bridges) due to the increased translucency of the material, pontics tend to go grey in the mouth compared to the abutments. Since denture teeth are all fairly thick, you do not see it.

Long Term Temporary - Harvest Dental Temp Esthetic. This is and extremely nice disk for temporaries. lots of shades, good balance of translucency and opacity. Perfect for long term temporaries that need to last 12-18 months (due to wear characteristics).

Milled Denture bases - (Of course I'm going to say),IvobaseCAD. This is a High Impact PMMA denture base material in four shades (Prefference, Pink, Pink-V, and 34V). Same exact chemistry as what you get when you inject with the IvoBase System (except the material is industrially produced).
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