Porcelain SUM3D Problem with speed in strategies


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Hi. Dear forum members.

We really need the help of specialists who have experience with SUM3D. There were difficulties in milling E. max glass ceramics on the machine 450 iimes. Work with coolant. In our treatment strategies the default feed rate X Y-1000 and Z-1000. But at such speeds, the cutter wears out after ten crowns are made. Production time of one crown is about 40 minutes. Sometimes there are chips. We reduced the speed, but the processing time of one product increased to two hours. In this case, the chipping becomes less. But such a long time of manufacture does not suit us. We understand that the process of removing material when polishing glass ceramics with boron is quite different from the removal of material with a cutter. Therefore, there is a question to experienced CAD/CAM specialists in helping with the selection of the correct feed rates and milling modes.

We will be grateful for your help.
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