Passed the Crown and Bridge practical.

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So now I get to put CDT on my name. Woopedy doo.
I was finished in 3 hours and left at 11:00 A.M. A young lady sitting in front of me was struggling and on the verge of tears.
She saw me packing up to leave and says, "You're done?!"
I said, "Yes." and I watched her sweat for a bit.
Then I told her how long I've been doing this and she felt better.
So I got 100% on the preliminary test.
89% on the waxup
and 86% on the full metal bridge.
I guess if I stuck around and cared more I could have got a better score.
But I just wanted to get the hell outa there and take the two hour ride back home ASAP.
Anyway, I finished both the written tests and the practical exam first and split early, and passed all three.
Feels good.
Had to brag.


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Congratulations. If you only did it for personal reasons, that's enough. Proving you can meet a minimum standard is really the reason, much like dental school. You rarely see a dentist who doesn't attend CE courses.
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