Our New Responsive Web-site is Up and Running...



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... and a whole lot more work than I anticipated! :banghead::)

We're happy to announce that our new and responsive Web-site is up and running complete with on-line store where you can find a complete line of high quality zirconia, titanium, cobalt chrome, PMMA CAD/CAM blank discs; implant and abutment components; tooling and more. All at prices lower that what you are likely to be currently paying and quality that meets or exceeds your requirements.

The goal of our new site is to educate and inform consumers as well as promote our products and services. Towards that goal, we have made an effort to provide specific information on the relative importance of various features and functions of the products and services associated with today’s world of Digital Dentistry.

We hope you find in informative and useful as you wonder through the maze of open solutions dental products on the market today.

Check it out: www.axsysdental.com
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