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We are selling our entire Orthodontic Dental Lab.
Here is our equipment list. I will be up front and honest with you if you would like to purchase any or everything. I will also go through the equipment and note any changes along with a good cleaning. Please feel free to ask any questions.
The Scanner and the 3D printer are the items under warranty.
I would really like to sell everything at once. I will try to work with you on shipping. We don't have any carrier accounts open so its pricey for us to ship. I will consider delivering personally if you are in the US, depending on location.

Details. (The values below are new and to be used as a reference)
3Shape E1 Scanner w/Ortho premium, remaining 4 year warranty w/ lab care (purchased in June 2018),Great Lakes support, computer,monitor. Used less than a dozen times.
Purchase amount: $14,000 with $2,900 discount.
Total value: $17,000 w/monitor

EnvisionTEC Vida 3D printer. Remaining 1 year warranty (purchased in May/June 2018) Included: resins new and sealed (1) e-guard, (1) e-idb, (2) e-model light, 1 jug each used and less than full, Light cure box, accessories. Used less than 30 prints, had issue with projector but EnvisionTEC replaced, repaired and re calibrated to optimal light wave. (paperwork included)
Total value: $21,000
*note buyer responsible for license transfer with EnvisionTEC. normal $2,500, EnvisionTEC will allow $1500.

Brand new:
Red Wing Lathe 26 A-GL w quick chuck $640
Macro Cab Plus Model 91556 120V $540
Micro Etcher 22000-03 $315
Handler 550 $400
APT2 $156
Kendal digital Ultra Sonic $50
Knife Trimmer $447
Easy Mark II Solder Kit $375

Little use/Great condition:
Renfert Twister Evolution $1,737.33
Triad 2000 $1,300

Marathon 3 $100-$250
Wehmer Mod 108 $3,930
Red Wing Lathe 26 A-GL w quick chuck $640
(10) Select Dental Bases $50 each
(35) Large (15) Small Case Pans $5 each/ $250
(2) Plaster Vac Mixer Cups $123 each
(2) Model Trimmer Diamond Cutting Wheel $520 each
RMO 660-2 (missing tack cords/tips) $130
Great Lakes 326A $450
(2)L&R Ultra Sonic $150/each
(2) Unitek Spot Welder(one w/broken switch) $700 each
Great Lakes SP23L $20
ESMA Polisher E279 $991
Dentek Therm bath $50
SRA H2O Welder $1,525
Handler Splash Hood (w/ light) $85
(2) Vibrator (small) $160 each
Bird Beak $27
3 Prong $26
3 Jaw Plier (Hyrax) $129
Plaster Nipper $24
Rubber Bowl $12
(2) Spatulas $12.50 each
*note. model trimmer needs plate and gasket, paint is chipping and shows normal wear. I am happy to add parts and clean up if requested.
one of the spot welders has a broken toggle switch, still works.
Materials/hand tools:
Galaxy Glitter Kit $63
Rainbow Kit $47
Contemporary (no monomer) $55
Dual Mouthguard Material $95 pkg
Plain Bands (#6 molar)(missing couple) $125
Wires: (2) .036 $18 each
(1) .028 $18
(1) .023 $18

(2) acri dense pressure pot. (leak air but can probably fix)
Hand carvers and picks
Lathe accessories, burs, buffers
Hand piece burs, buffers and polishers
Imp trays
Articulating paper
Anything else we find

Est equipment and material value: $15,000
Estimated total value over $51,000

Sale Prices:

3Shape system $12,500
3D printer $16,500
Equipment and materials, logo, domain. $10,000
Entire lab (scanner,printer, equip and materials, logo, everything. $38,000
(I am willing to negotiate.)

If the entire lab was purchase I will throw in our domain, autumnglaze.com (not live)
and our professionally designed logo (which I personally think is amazing)


Thank you for your time,

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