Ortho CE in Texas! With Don Inman and Pricsilla Mier (of JBC)



*note: The title might be confusing ( its Don Inman of Inman Orthodontic Lab and also Priscilla Mier of JBC and Company) sorry about the confusion.

Hello all!
Just wanted to let you guys know about our upcoming Conference here in Dallas, Texas If you are interested in getting all you CE credits in one weekend ( 7 of those for the ortho specialty!) then check out thoe website for more info:


Here is what we have:
An open forum with Don Inman and Priscilla Mier (of JBC and Company) as panelist. We will be having a question answer forum discussing past new technologies and how they were adopted into the ortho lab and compare that with up-coming technologies and how to merge them in the present time. 3 hrs

Don Inman will also be giving a presentation on how he as incorporated the 3D printer and software into his lab and how it affects the traditional flow of models and appliances through the lab (and from Dr's office) 3hrs

Priscilla Mier, of JBC and Company, will give a demonstration of proper ortho acrylic handling, giving tips helpful advice for all your acrylic concerns. Also she will demonstrate some acrylic designs you can achieve with her acrylic. 1 hr (I may be able to extent that longer if there is enough interest, just let me know by commenting below)

There will also be 2 opportunities to get your 1 hr infection control.

Hope to see you there.

I will be the one moderating the forum so I will be presenting the questions to Don and Priscilla along with questions from the audience. Im looking for any good questions regarding merging technologies in the orthodotnic lab.
Submit them below and I will be sure to ask them.


Hello a couple of updates to the conference this weekend.
There will now be 9 ortho CE credits instead of just 7! so its not to late to come to Texas! you can always register at the door.

For those of you that can make it I am going to attempt to live stream the Orthodontic Forum With Don Inman and Pricilla mier on Friday morning (9am Texas time)

Here are the details if you would like to watch:

Google + event page:

Youtube streaming page:

Come join us online if you can. If you have either a youtube account or google+ account you can make comment below the video and they may get answered live during the webcast by one of our panelist!

If you miss the presentation these likes will still be good to watch event after the event is over.
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