New Versamill 5X-200 Debuts at Chicago LabDay 2015



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The new 5X-200 replaces the existing Versamill 5x and features a spacing saving upright configuration with the same high-quality, vibration-dampening construction characteristics found in the Versamill 5x and many full-framed industrial CNC Machine Tools.

The new, larger Versamill 5X-200 is 85kg heavier than its predecessor, provides increased axes travels and features a 15 station Automatic Tool Changer; an increase of 6 stations over the Versamill 5x.

The VersaMILL’s superior construction enables it to machine a wide range of materials including zirconia, titanium, chrome cobalt, resin, wax, glass-ceramics, lithium disilicate and more.

The highly reliable VersaMILL 5X-200 is also compatible with any open CAD/SCAN and is ideally suited for complex indications including bridges, custom abutments and dental bars.

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