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We are happy to announce the launch of the Axsys Dental Solutions Blog.

We are very excited about establishing this new communications tool and hope it will provide great benefit to its readers.

The blog is intended to serve as a vehicle for keeping in touch with our valued customers by making them aware of the latest product offerings, pricing and promotions and news about what is happening at Axsys Dental Solutions.

However the site is not intended for our existing customers alone. For visitors who are not current customers and not familiar with Axsys Dental Solutions, we strive to provide a wealth of resources for those looking to better educate themselves on the technology available and what we consider to be the easiest path to success.

Dental laboratories, milling centers and practitioners will benefit through the additional topics that will be covered in our blog, including; educational information on CAD design techniques, tips and tricks, industry news, maintenance procedures, technology "deep-dives," and more.

Staff from throughout Axsys Dental Solutions will be posting on the blog, addressing a wide variety of topics. This includes members from our sales, management, marketing and technical support teams.
Our blog will be updated frequently so please check back frequently or even better, sign-up and get the latest updates sent directly to our email inbox.

We hope you will find our blog to be of great value to you and your organization and we value your input on content and relevance.

If you have any questions, comments or suggestions please contact us and let us know. After all, this blog's intent is to benefit you in understanding what we are up to, enhance your capabilities in applying the solutions we provide, and to increase your knowledge in digital dentistry and digital dental manufacturing.

Visit the blog now.
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