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Garland Dental Services

Garland Dental Services

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Hi all,

JDT magazine is taking submissions for recommended products and services for one of their upcoming issues, and you can nominate any company you think provides worthwhile contributions to the industry. To that end, I'd like to ask that if we've ever helped you with any repairs, helped locate obsolete parts, or even if you just like to call us and chat and pick our techs' brains, please consider nominating our company. We've always relied primarily on word-of-mouth, and recommendations of this type are invaluable to us. I'll post the link right below; you can use it to nominate any worthwhile company you think deserves a mention. Thanks so much!

Journal of Dental Technology WOW Product Nominations

If you'd like to subscribe to JDT magazine, or if you are interested in joining the NADL, you can find more info here:


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You got it. I was thrilled when Garland became a sponsor.

I've worked in office equip repair, general electronics repair, locksmithing, access control (swipe to enter type stuff) systems among other things before this. So there's a bunch of supply houses, technical assistants, parts depots, and the like in my past.

And y'all?
Every every every group I worked with in every one of those fields needs to come learn how to do it from you.

I'd buy stock if you were public. If someone from there comes to Virginia, let me know.
I'll take you out for a hotdog, barbeque, and coke from a great local guy that gets service as much as you.
Garland Dental Services

Garland Dental Services

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@JMN Tell you what, if that ever happens, I'll gift you some shares =)
And thanks for the kind words, really - that means a lot to us, particularly coming from someone with a repairs background. Thank you!!

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