My design dissapeared in 3shape



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I was designing a zircon crown in 3shape saved it and closed it (it was still unfinished).After a little while when I opened the file again the design was missing no where to be found. I tried to re do all the steps , reboot the computer and still the design was missing . The next day I opened the file and the design was there! What is going on ?! Does anyone know why this happened ?


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3shape sucks is what happened. it's a pretty bad piece of software. horribly optimized, single core, and buggy as a beta. it's stupid that they charge so much for it but refuses to modernize it. 2019 is more optimized, but it had so many issues, I went back to 2018. smh.

the same thing has been happening to me lately, though only on splints. I've had to redo so many of them. I always manually save them now.
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Sevan P

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Press f4 to go to the case folder and see is the anatomy elements folder is still there. If so your design is good something went A-Wall!
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