Microlay Versus 385 vs Asiga Max vs NextDent 5100 3D Printer



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Hi there,
I am a dentist looking to buy a 3d printer for my practice. I will be printing temporary crowns and bridges, models, mockups and surgical guides.
I am looking for a good quality and reliable printer, but simple to operate (as it will be operated by dental assistants).

After some research, I found that the above 3 models could be valid choices - all at similar price points.
  1. The Microlay Versus looks nice from the specs, but I have not yet met anyone who uses it.
    • Does anyone have any experience with it?
  2. I know Nextdent is closed for outside materials, however the material choice seems satisfactory and no manual material configuration is required.
  3. I heard good things about Asiga.
    • Is it easy to configure for different materials?
    • Does it come with intuitive software?
    • Does it have an air filter, or is an external suction device required?
I appreciate your suggestions.
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