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Hello DLN,
I am so happy to see this section posted for techs to use. I believe it will be valuable for all of us. That being said I am looking for more work to do.

I would like to do more of the following:

-CAD Designing (I would like to do remote design for other labs/practices. I have a 3shape scanner and trios ready. Also able to import from other systems)
-Emax/Empress Milling (I only mill these in house currently and outsource zirconia)
-Processing removable cases. (Let me process your dentures/partials and flexibles.)
-Setting Up removables.

I am located in SC and provide pick up and delivery service to the Midlands and LowCountry areas.

Please message me if there is anything I can help with or if you would like to discuss anything more. I can provide an official resume/references and sample designs if needed. I will also work on a trial basis to make sure we are both happy before we continue to full time employment.

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