Library help for angulated multi unit and angulated Ti bases



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So I have a couple of questions...
First, I'm working on a case where I need to offset some implants that are angulated about 15 degrees.
All my assorted Ti bases are Dess products, with the complete library downloaded and all types of scan bodies were purchased (intra oral, lab, and press/slide on)
I can't seem to find the angulated multi unit abutments in my downloaded library and I also can't seem to find the angulated Ti bases (the gold ones which use the special driver).
I was able to find the straight multi unit abutment and corresponding part.
I'm using a AG Motion 2 with their version of Exocad.
The software did have a pop up which said "only conical type abutments can be used" or something to that effect.

Please tell me what the abbreviations are in my library for what I'm looking for.


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I sent you a response. Please view it or contact us at [email protected] with your contact information (name, telephone, email) so we can assist you.


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I want to send out a giant "thank you" to Keith @ Dess-USA.
Keith spent a considerable time with me on the phone this morning. ON A SUNDAY!!!

I'm not sure what manufacturer most of you guys purchase your Ti bases, multi unit abutments, etc but I can tell you that they have a customer for life with me.
I have sucked up hours of this guys time now, and he's as helpful, kind and patient as can be.
Very, very impressed.
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