Lab Analog fitting too tight on 3d printed model



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Exocad model creator design using dess components.

Lab analog fits too tight on the 3d printed model (Form Lab Model Resin)

I have to hammer the analogs in too make it seat all the way

What can I do to improve the overall fit? Setting in Exocad model creator?


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Maybe you would need to play around with the shaft gap settings.

I had to do this with removable dies to get it to fit a bit better.

Not sure if analogs have a settings in the Exocad model creator.


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I use a Form 2 from Formlabs and my 3i analogs are too loose and my straumann analogs are too tight...Nobel Biocare fit just right. It could be lots of reasons the analogs are not fitting right. I use 3Shape model builder.


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Like @Lighthouse said it really varies quite a bit based on the digital-analog system, hard to nail down the "solve all" solution. Also the way the parts snap in or screw in have a pretty big range, some better than others.

I'm planning to make a video going through some best practices for implant models in the near future but for now here are a few tips.

Use the select base feature to snap the bottom part of the implant analog geometry, see photo.

Use the smallest possible supports to make sure that the surface is as correct as possible, again see photo

Lastly two photos with a 40 power microscope camera showing the results.

One more note, this is not unique to Formlabs but all 3D printing, implant models are some of the most difficult parts to print in dental. All things must be as correct as possible, nesting, resin tank clarity, printer health, and post processing. Good luck, I hope this helps.


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