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Aleksandra M.

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Hey everyone!
Does anyone use Kulzer Light curing liquid for 3d priniting?

Currently we have FormLabs 3d printers but we found this resin from KULZER company that we could use for PMMAs. However, print doesn't stuck to the platform. It may be simply that the resin was not designed for other printers, yet I was wandering if maybe someone has been using it on Form2.

Mathew M

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Hello Aleksandra! Every printer got "own" resins and every resin got own density. That is why printers got dedicated programs for liquids. For example model printing is much slower than splint printing. It's because of resin parameters. If parameters of resins will be similar - it can works.



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The Kulzer resin looks good. I'm not mixing it on my formlabs though. I have printed multiple full arch implant cases from the Dima material to use as temporaries and almost everyone has broke. I have went back to just milling PMMA.
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