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I don't know anything. I'm not preparing you for anything I know and am not saying. Y'all know I'm a straight talk kind of guy.

The DLN server is in a secure data center like you see in the movies. Big room full of computers and blinking lights.
Neither Travis nor I have any physical access to it.

On the off chance the Data Center guys actually have gone outside in the few months and seen people (you know what uber nerds are like-and thank God for them) their might be a staffing issue at the server site.

The internet is gonna get slapped like that lady in Airplane, but like everyone was wearing steel gauntlets. We're gonna be load testing all the 'backbone' internet machines and transmission equipment and every ISP with all the people required to stay home and all the people -like us- who are off from work or in self quarantine.

If things get slow, I apologize, it's not us. It's everyone.

If the site has hiccups, please send me a text message or PM and I'll monitor for what things I can do to help. Which in a data overload, honestly, isn't much.
Additionally, here goes through CloudFlare, and they are a good bunch.

Youtube and Netflix have both already taken steps to avoid saturating the data paths and lowered their resolution from High Definition in some geographic regions.

Might be a good time to get the phone numbers of those you always meant to call. Meet your friends, hear their laugh.
We could all use a bit of human contact and commiseration right now.
Don't be bashful about wanting to speak with your DLNmates. Getting to talk with some of you has been, many times, the highlight of my day.
{Edit:Y'know, aside from the Amazing Mrs.}

I don't expect anything, but I'm just preparing for an unlikely possibility. Something we've all learned in the last 2 months is a good idea.


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Oh. Some of you may be thankful(I know I'm a ramble-machine),some may be wondering. If you haven't had a call from me in a while: When I had to change phones I lost nearly everyone's numbers, cell died unexpectedly.
If you want me to have your number, please PM it to me and I'll make sure you have mine.
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