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We have added precision 3D dental resins from both Keystone Industries® and Garreco® to our lineup!

Perfect for splints, models, aligners, and more, these materials offer quality and an unbeatable boost to productivity. Instructions and settings are available for most major printer brands and open-source printers, ensuring simple integration into your workflow.

Model 3D Ultra 1718124354018.png
Achieve unparalleled detail with Model 3D Ultra, an opaque peach-colored photopolymer. Its low shrinkage and high print speed make it ideal for orthodontic and aligner models. This resin is optimized for high-speed printing on LCD and DLP printers.

Model 3D Pro 1718124497827.png 1718124501334.png
Create extremely accurate dental models with Model 3D Pro, an opaque photopolymer perfect for crown & bridge build-ups. Exceptional dimensional stability and low shrinkage ensure accurate prints every time. Compatible with various printers, and while optimized for crown and bridge, it is highly versatile for other applications such as thermoforming, aligner and general dental models.

WaxCast 3D. 1718124509290.png
For precise partials casting, try WaxCast 3D from Garreco Print. This wax-based 3D resin captures intricate details reliably and accurately. Perfect for creating highly complex geometries, this material ensures smooth surfaces and a clean burnout for flawless casting results.

Gingiva 3D 1718124522769.png
Expand your dental modeling possibilities with Gingiva 3D. Its soft and flexible properties make it perfect for simulating gum parts and soft tissue. Compatible with various printers, it's an essential material for specialized dental projects.

KeySplint Soft 3D printed nightguard and dental guard
This DLP-optimized, biocompatible 3D resin offers both strength and flexibility for bleaching trays, dental splints, and nightguards. KeySplint Soft is polishable, stain-resistant, transparent and its unique formulation makes it much less prone to fractures than traditional materials.

3D Vanishing Spray 1718124538172.png
3D Vanishing Spray is tailored to ensure accuracy in extra-oral digital scans. This spray creates an ultra-fine mattifying layer that heightens contrast so that precise detail can be captured. Best of all this spray evaporates completely after use, saving time and resources.

Call us today at 800-937-3753 to find out how these materials can benefit your lab.

-Uhler Dental Team

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