How to integrate 3shape with AG directly



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hi guy
does anyone have 3shape and AG motion2?

I already have AG material and import to 3shape

but the file still need set something , not like the cad file from exocad
especially the abutment, I need set the screw hole.... and sometimes will have issue


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Sounds like you may have a 3shape library problem. I'd have AG install a new correct library and show you how to use it.

A. M.

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I use a different material for my screw-retained cases or abutments, that is how it works for me the best. It shouldn't make a difference, but somehow it does...
AG only gives you their material for 3Shape... the implant files you get from the place where you get your implant parts from...

When you are nesting the case put the stl file in a different place don't have it in the same folder with the pts file, pick abutment and set the emergence profile boundary, your lower boundary of implant, and the upper screw channel boundary...
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