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Microsoft (along with several other email providers) use aggressive anti-spam tools to help protect you. Unfortunately, some of the "rules" that these tools use quite often treat most forum-generated emails as junk.

In order to ensure that you receive the e-mail alerts from the forum for things like replies to threads you are watching, conversation messages (PMs),mentions, and especially the initial account confirmation email, I strongly suggest that you add the forum URL to your Safe Senders list. Here is a step-by-step guide:

1) Log into your e-mail account online

2) If you have already registered, you might see the Confirmation e-mail in the junk folder. Even if you don't, follow all these steps! There is a reason!

3) Find the Settings wheel in the upper right corner of the window. Hover/click on that, and select Options

Screenshot-2018-3-8 Mail - tdearmey hotmail com.png

4) Locate and click Safe Senders under Junk Mail

Screenshot-2018-3-8 Mail - tdearmey hotmail com(1).png

5) Enter the URL of this site as "" as shown below, and click the "+" sign to add it to the list

Screenshot-2018-3-8 Mail - tdearmey hotmail com(2).png

6) Click Save

Screenshot-2018-3-8 Mail - tdearmey hotmail com(3).png

That's it! All messages from the site will now go directly to your inbox!

It's important to note that only marking a message that is in the Junk folder as "not junk" does not automatically add that e-mail address to your Safe Senders list - thus, it does not guarantee that future messages from the forum will not be treated as junk.

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